Strata Services

Spencer Ware Group provides a full range of Strata Management services designed to assist you in meeting your legislative and other responsibilities and help alleviate the burden of management placed on the Strata Committee.

Below you will find a list of the main services that are included in our Strata Management packages.

Management of
Trust Accounts

  • Provision of a Trust Account through Macquarie Bank.
  • Preparation of annual budgets.
  • Banking and accounting of funds of the strata plan.
  • Maintenance of accounts books as required by the Strata Schemes Management Act.

Administration & Capital Works Fund Budgets

  • Provision of comprehensive reports, including a prepared budget for the following financial year.
  • Maintenance of an Investment account for capital works funds.

Levy Notices

  • Distribution of levy notices.
  • Provision of an easy payment service for levy funds.

BAS / IAS Returns

  • Preparation and lodgement of quarterly BAS and IAS Returns and Annual Tax Returns for your Strata Plan/Company Title.

Accounts Payable

  • Attend to all payment of authorised accounts for common property maintenance and repairs.
  • Manage payment of ongoing common property utility bills.

Meeting Notices
and Minutes

  • Preparation of required statements of Income and Expenditure & Balance Sheets.
  • Issuance of notice of meetings including Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary general meeting & Strata Committee Meeting.
  • Attendance of meetings, collation and distribution of minutes.
  • Retention of copies of minutes for Strata Plan minute book.

Financial Statements
& Reports

  • Take responsibility for your strata plan to ensure that you comply fully with legislation.
  • Hold records for inspection.
  • Maintain the Strata Roll.
  • Supply of quarterly Financial Statements to Strata Committee members.

Insurance Policy
& Renewals

  • Recommend reputable Insurance services specifically for the Strata Industry.
  • Arrange Insurance covers upon the authorisation of the Owners Corporation.
  • Manage renewal payments upon the authorisation of the Owners Corporation.
  • Organise building valuation every 2-3 years as recommended best practice within the Strata Industry.
  • Report relevant damages to the insurance company for assessment to assist in expediting claims process.

Owners Corp
Common Seal

  • Hold the official seal of the Owners Corporation (common seal) to affix to any deed, instrument or document in accordance with the Act.

Property sale
and purchase

  • Assist Owners in the sale of their properties by dealing directly with Solicitors to ensure settlement of levy instalments.
  • Production of current Section 184 Certificates to assist with smooth sale or purchase of property.

Assist Strata
as required

  • Generally assist the Strata Committee with arranging all necessary maintenance of the common property.
  • Liaise with the Strata Committee relating to general complaints.
  • Arrange for qualified licensed contractors to carry out routine repairs to and maintenance of common property.
  • Take responsibility for and obtain quotations for repair, maintenance and replacement of common property. 
  • Act as point of contact/liaise with contractors conducting such building works.

* The above mentioned Strata Services are a guide only, subject to confirmation of both parties entering into a formal managing agency agreement.